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Australian Ski Season is On

20. May 2020
In a recent press release from the New South Wales Government, the states premier has confirmed that holiday travel restrictions will be lifted from the 1st June 2020. This means that ski resorts in the state New South Wales will be allowed to open.

The news will be warmly welcomed by the snow sports community in Australia however a few questions still remain. Firstly, at this present time it is unknown what limitations the resorts will operate under e.g. number of people allowed and social distancing restrictions. Secondly, the news only covers the state of New South Wales which is home to three of the six largest resorts in Australia. The remaining three resorts are located in the state of Victoria which at the time of writing this article has not provided any new information on travel restrictions.

Either way the news is generating excitement for skiers and snowboarders in Australia.

Full press release from the New South Wales Government:
T +41 31 368 14 15