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World Best Kids Snow Programme to be announced

29. April 2020
Every two years, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has been awarding the title of "Worlds Best Kids Snow Programme" via the SnowKidz Awards.

For this years Awards 12 countries will be vying for the title and a share of the over 60'000CHF prize pool. The field contains previous winners such as Snow Moves! (FIN) and Everyone on Snow (SWE) but also contains new comers and previous nominations from Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Italy who have all shown great results since the last SnowKidz Awards in 2018.

The nominations are judged against a strict criteria which includes, number of participants, evolution of the programme, creativity, quality and if their actions can be replicated in other corners of the globe. To make the process even more fair an external judging panel is brought in which includes the International Ski Instructors Association and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

To announce the winners of the SnowKidz Awards 2020, a two stage announcement will take place. First, on the 1st May 2020 the Top 8 are announced. Each of the Top 8 will receive 5’000CHF towards their respective programme and also go into the final. Given the current situation a date for the announcement of the top 3 is to be determined.

Stay tuned to FIS SnowKidz (links below) for all the news and winners of the SnowKidz Award 2020.
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