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World Snow Day 2020 Report Arrives

07. April 2020
Now in its 9th year, World Snow Day has continued to surpass expectations. The 2020 edition of World Snow Day saw 359 events in 45 countries. In total over 100’000 people participated in events and actions. But the event is more than "just one day”.

The World Snow Day Final Report is released each year to show Organisers, participants, partner and sponsors, National Ski Associations and other snow sports stakeholders all the effort that goes into the occasion. The report analyses areas such as which actions where the most common, if the support provided by FIS to Organisers was good, the timeline of planning and executing World Snow Day 2020, which countries and continents participated and much more. All the information is placed into a neat document which can be viewed online or downloaded and shared.

To grab your copy of the World Snow Day 2020 Final Report, simply click the link below. While there be also sure to checkout the individual reports from each of the event Organisers.
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