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World Snow Day Celebration Ski Party in Abetone

21-22 Jaunary 2012 | Abetone | Italy
  700 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Celebration Ski Party in Abetone

via saccardo 41
 50041 Calenzano 
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World snow day at Abetone has been a really great event. On Sunday morning, the more competitive took part to a timed giant slalom and contributed with a donation to Mayer Children's Hospital in Florence. Partecipation has been huge, with more than 460 competitors, 280 of them being under of 16 years old, the youngest aged 5 years old and the eldest 81. More than 7.000 € were collected and donated to the hospital.
In the central square of Abetone more than 40 people went for a 8 km walk in the Boscolungo forest accompained by forest police.
In the afternoon they also had the opportunity to try free downhill skiing in the beginners area, with gears, lift tickets and ski instructor provided by the organizers.
Early in the morning 3 buses from Florence with about 150 kids head to beginners area in Val di Luce where they started their ski courses with free lift tickets.
All over the areas more than 2.000 milka choco bars were distributed to all the people, especially enjoied by our young friends.
To summarize this very special day, we had about 670 people partecipating and more than 30 organizers involved to follow after this big bunch of happy people !!
A big success, that couldnt be better !!!
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted food and drink
- Discounted accommodation
Other Special Offers
free tour accompanied by forest patrol
podium front
crowd from the podium
part of the organizing comitee
Link to event video:
T +41 31 368 14 15