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New Greener Lifts at Serre Chevalier Briançon

05. August 2019
The southern French ski area of Serre Chevalier Briançon, or “Serre Che” for short, is seeing major spending on infrastructure however the resort is also building on its commitment to be increasingly renewable-energy.

For season 2019-20 two new major new lifts will be installed along with two new wind turbines and four new photovoltaic sites. The installations are part of a larger plan that will see the resort produce 30% of its energy needs by 2021. Much of this energy will comes from a combination of sources including hydroelectricity generated through its snow-making network, photovoltaics with 1420 solar panels, some of which were designed in Serre Chevalier, and micro-wind turbines.

Serre Chevalier will open for the weekends of 30th November and 1st December and 7th and 8th December then non-stop 14th December to 19th April 2020.

Patrick Thorne, also known as the Snow Hunter, is an industry expert in all technical developments in snow sports. In addition to his work Patrick is also father and knows the importance and fun of kids on snow.
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