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18 January 2015 | Malam Jaba Swat | Pakistan
  20 Event Participants  


Durush Khela Swat
 19050 Mingora 
+92 3118 765 313
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We are thankful to FIS to give us the permission to celebrate the World Snow Day with rest of the world. We did planned to conduct two ski courses for college students and two ski courses for school students and ski training for the locals. We contacted the local government Afzal khan Lala degree college Matta, Bar swat model school Durush khela, Swat public School Matta and Care Academic School Durush Khela for the ski training. We planned to hold competition between them and do so demonstrations skiing to conduct PEACE Ski Gala on the 18 January 2015.
Unluckily we received the snow very late and less. We could not carry our planned programme. We did very little ski training and were at ski slope doing skiing on 18 January 2015 to show our solidarity with the world ski community.
We tried to bring kids to the ski slope. The most important thing was that the local girls did skiing, for the first time in their life on the World Snow day.
Many visitors were offered to have a run on the skies.
Nobody has supported us for our activities. All the arrangements were done from Pioneer Sports & Ski School.
We did advertisement of the event through billboard on the main road.
We hope that in future we shall be doing more.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free food and drink
- Free transportation
A ski enthusiast from down the Swat valley doing skiing
A local girl having first run on the skies
Advertisement of the World snow Day
Link to event video:
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