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World Snow Day 2020 Key Information

14. June 2019

Opening of World Snow Day registration: 1st July 2019

New World Snow Day Promotional Trailer available: 15th September 2019

World Snow Day Care Package applications open: 1st October 2019

Closing of World Snow Day Registration: 15th December 2019

World Snow Day 2020: 19th January 2020


World Snow Day will once again be offering the World Snow Day Organiser Care Packages. To receive a Care Package you must complete the official application form, Packages are not automatically allocated when you register.

The Organiser Care Package application form will be released on the 1st October 2019. Further information on the Care Packages can be found here:

NOTE: There is a limited quantity of 300 Care Packages. Distribution will be on a first come, first serve basis.


In order to successfully complete the next World Snow Day goals, World Snow Day 2020 must see 519 events. FIS will be making a large push to reach this number, however we need your help. Please encourage your colleagues in the snow sports industry to join the event.


One of the most widely asked items from the World Snow Day survey, are reliable suppliers of equipment. In light of this we have created the Preferred Suppliers list (link below):

All suppliers listed here are the same companies we use for various project inc. Organiser Care Packages. Therefore they are reliable and trusted.

To order items from a company simply contact the company you wish to order from and request your items. All agreements remain between you and supplier.

NOTE: World Snow Day Organisers receive special prices with these companies. Simply mention you an Organiser when you make your order and a discount will be provided.
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