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Harbin Wanda BMW Recreational Snow Park Pushes for 300 million

24. April 2019
The world’s largest indoor snow centre, Harbin Wanda BMW Recreational Snow Park in Northeastern China, is working with local government to promote snowsports for young people as part of a campaign to meet the Chinese president’s call for 300 million people to have participated in ice and snow sport by the time of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

To that end the Harbin Wanda Paradise Sports Department and the Provincial Department of Education in the region have been running a ‘million-a-year youth snow and ice-skiing experience class’ aimed at getting many more people in the region to try snowsports.

In the indoor snow centre around 5,000 people are expected to experience the fun of ice and snow as part of this campaign. The Harbin Snow Park uses the skiing experience classroom as a carrier, which not only further promotes skiing skills for students at senior and middle school, but also aims to generate wider youth participation in ice and snow sports.

Wanda Park will open new centres in Guangzhou and Wuxi to expand this programme to southern China and Southeast Asia.

“This spread of indoor snow centres will not only provide more opportunities for people to experience snow, but also promotes the formation of a whole society to actively participate in the good atmosphere of ice and snow sports, and contribute to the vigorous development of China's ice and snow industry,” a company spokesperson said.

Patrick Thorne, also known as the Snow Hunter, is an industry expert in all technical developments in snow sports. In addition to his work Patrick is also father and knows the importance and fun of kids on snow.
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