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FIS World Snow Day in Vuokatti

18 January 2015 | Vuokatti Sport Institute | Finland
  175 Event Participants  

FIS World Snow Day in Vuokatti

Opistontie 4
 88610 Vuokatti 
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The FIS World Snow Day at Vuokatti was success. We had this year perfect weather, lot of snow and only – 2 degrees.

Almost 200 persons visited our event. We offered skiing, ski jumping, sled hill, slalom with cross-country skiing, adventure and plays with snow.

We arw ready to organize Fis World Snod Day again next year 18.1.2016!

Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free entry tickets
- Discounted food and drink
Other Special Offers
Free sleds
T +41 31 368 14 15