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22/01/2012 | Wilmot, New Hampshire | United States of America
  29 Event Participants  


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 03233 Elkns, New Hampshire 
United States of America
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The Sleboggan Club of New England (SCNE) wishes to thank World-Snow-Day for the opportunity to summarize our slebogganing event

First of all we were very lucky to even hold the event because of the lack of snow just two weeks before our event was scheduled. We watched the weather forecast very carefully and determined that we wouldn’t need to cancel as we took a great deal of time grooming the sleboggan runs during the summer and could operate with just one descent snow. The snow finally arrived along with cold temperatures and we were ready to sleboggan. As it turned out we even slebogganed with a lady and her three children who arrived at our venue the day before World-Snow-Day was to take place. It is a wonderful story.

We slebogganed down the two runs a few times on Saturday morning to be sure we had enough snow and to fill in any areas that needed additional snow. When we finished, we headed back to the house for lunch. About half way up the sleboggan runs we noticed a person coming down the hill on a sleboggan. I looked at Donna and said, “do you know who that is?” she replied, “no, do you?” I just shook my head, because the person wasn’t using the sleboggan correctly. When we got to her, we learned that she and her three children had driven a couple of hours from their home to be World-Snow-Day participants. I hated telling her that she was a day early. However, she was understanding and we all continued up the hill to where her children were waiting. She acknowledged she had the wrong day, but also said that she and the children wouldn’t be able to return the next day. I couldn’t resist helping out, so we spent the next two hours taking the children and their mother slebogganing. Making those children happy made a great start to World-Snow-Day!

Notwithstanding, our surprise family on Saturday, participants started arriving on Sunday at 9 a.m. sharp. They continued arriving throughout the day. Though we didn’t have a big turnout it was wonderful to introduce and demo the new winter sport of slebogganing to all participants. We were also fortunate to give a few of the older children sleboggan lessons, and let them race each other down the two runs. This was a big hit. There were also a few parents who had sleboggan lessons, and after a couple of runs were able to take their children safely down the sleboggan runs.

A number of positive comments regarding the new winter sport of slebogganing were expressed by local participants, as well as from two participants who were visiting the area from Park City, Utah. They came with relatives who were members of SCNE.

Thank you to all the sponsors of World-Snow-Day. The impetus you have created has enforced our 'mission statement' & continues to buoy our determination to continue promoting this new and safe winter sport geared for young & old. The joy of seeing young people not only embrace an entirely new snow experience but easily master the minimal skills needed to operate it safely was very satisfying

Our First Annual World-Snow-Day event in Wilmot was met with great enthusiasm by our SCNE members which we expected. For children & adults who are looking for an additional niche to add to their snow sports it appears to be perfect. For those who don't spend much time outdoors in the snowy winters because perhaps they have no skill or opportunity - they found an outlet that allows them to inexpensively & locally enjoy nature at its frosty best.

We look forward to continuing our association with the organization & anticipate growth of our SCNE group.


The Sleboggan Club of New England

Special Offers
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
Other Special Offers
Free sleboggans/toboggans use Free sleboggan lessons
Three World-Snow-Day participants with Sleboggans
Three children and two adults ready to be towed down a Sleboggan Run by an experienced Slebogganer
Two Participants Ready To Sleboggan
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