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Nordic Day 2012 - OBERSTDORF

22 January 2012 | Oberstdorf | Germany
  500 Event Participants  

Nordic Day 2012 - OBERSTDORF

Am Faltenbach 27
 87561 Oberstdorf 
+49 8322 8090300
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World Snow Day: Many enthusiastic winter fans at “Nordic Day” in Oberstdorf and “Snowshoe Trail” in Burgberg

Getting children, adolescents and adults interested in snow sports – that’s the aim of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and its World Snow Day. The two events, which took place on the weekend in the Allgäu region, were a success for the local Organiser: The many visitors surely had a lot of fun despite the bad weather – on Saturday on the occasion of the “Snowshoe Trail” at the southern slopes of mountain Grünten close to Burgberg, and on Sunday during the “Nordic Day” in Oberstdorf’s Cross-Country Stadium “Ried”.

In Burgberg, Dieter Fischer – first mayor – was able to welcome as much as 150 participants, who were brought to the venue by 4-wheel shuttle busses. For some of the participants it was the first time on snowshoes, but they were all thrilled. Many of them came with their whole family and were exited: “Snow and rain – doesn’t matter, we’re having so much fun!” A lot of them are planning to do snowshoeing more often now.

Despite the weather, the Organiser was pleased because there were only happy people. Most of the visitors did not expect to have that much fun with snowshoeing. All of them agreed that it is always good to be active and get out in the open air. The visitors were especially interested in the nature trail, the snowshoeing trial courses, the dog sledding circuits, the laser biathlon facility and the family adventure tour. The winner of the snowshoeing competition was Meinrad Briechle from Sonthofen.

Visitors made best use of the opportunities offered
Despite the weather, many people followed the invitation to Oberstdorf’s Cross-Country Stadium “Ried”. The atmosphere was great. The following opportunities were offered on the occasion of the “Nordic Day”: cross-country ski courses, sprint courses, dog sledding, snowshoeing, laser biathlon, professional ski waxing tips, test material galore and a competition. Many of the guests had their first cross country lesson and completed on the same day the 5 km on the Nordic-Fun-Parcous for their first time successfully. The ski waxing professional Willi Hartmann was almost overrun by interested people in his ski waxing tent. “The weather may be bad, but the many people are eager for knowledge nonetheless.” The Skiing Instructors were happy too: “Not only the ambitious cross-country skiers were here, but even old and young people, tourists and locals came to the Cross Country Stadium!” Besides: “On which other occasion can you rent and test so many different materials from several manufacturers for free?”

The Organiser and the visitors enjoyed the large and various program and everybody is looking forward to the next FIS World Snow Day in 2013!
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- None
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Free parking
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