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Keep charging Keekan

12. October 2018
If the words "awesome female skiers" come up in conversation somewhere in the discussion you will hear the name Kikkan Randall.

Born in Salt Lake city Utah, the 35 year old recently retired from competitive cross country skiing to take up a new challenge, being a mum. The birth of her child brought a huge smile to the snow sports community but the news that followed shortly after quickly turned our smile upside down. Kikkan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully the disease was identified early but the cancer and chances for treatment were good.

Since treatment began Kikkan has been keeping a Vlog of her journey and the short clips are truly inspirational. We invite you to follow her journey and if your heart desires donate to one of the many organisations fighting breast cancer by clicking one of the links below:
Boarding for Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Breast Cancer Now
T +41 31 368 14 15