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Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area set to re-open

31. August 2018
A ski area that last operated in 2004 is moving closer to re-opening after a foundation set up to make that happen announced it had raised nearly half of its target $4m funding and began recruiting volunteer ski patrol members.

Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area located in the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming was set up in the 1950s and generations of local people skied there, but it last operated 15 years ago. It had three lifts and around 300m of vertical between approximately 2500 and 2800 metres of altitude.

The Antelope Butte Foundation was set up as a grassroots effort to reopen the ski area as a year-round mountain recreation centre in 2011 and has been making progress towards that goal ever since.

“Mountain sports offer children and families the opportunity to participate in physically and intellectually challenging activities. It introduces them to new and rewarding experiences, and provides them with supportive and caring relationships. The environment and activities at mountain recreation areas incorporate all the elements of healthy youth and positive family development. Our community mountain recreation area will be a place where youth and beginners can learn a lifelong physical activity, increase their self-confidence, and begin an appreciation for the natural environment,” an online statement from the group explains, adding, “We make it local, we make it accessible, and we make it affordable.”

Patrick Thorne, also known as the Snow Hunter, is an industry expert in all technical developments in snow sports. In addition to his work Patrick is also father and knows the importance and fun of kids on snow.
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