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World Snow Day Vatra Dornei 2019

20 January 2019 | Vatra Dornei | Romania
  215 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Vatra Dornei 2019

Partia Parc | Partia Veverita
 725700 Vatra Dornei 
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World Snow Day - Vatra Dornei (Romania) was celebrated for 3 days, between January 18th and 20th, 2019. The national skiing contest for children gathered over 80 participants from all major ski resorts in Romania (1 day SL | 1 day GS | 1 day fun on snow).
There were snow games and contests, free ski lessons for children, music and dance (snow zumba) as well as the traditional ski mascots parade.
The 20th of January was opened with the kind permission of partners with an exceptional flashmob on the ski slope. Sincere thanks to Euroski instructors who have made it possible to initiate in alpine skiing more than 25 children with special needs. World Snow Day in Vatra Dornei was an exceptional event where we experienced snow activities, enjoyed together and opened new opportunities for spending time on the snow.

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Thank you all! See you in 2020!
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free accommodation
- Free food and drink
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free ski passes
- Free skis snowboards use
Enjoy snow.
National alpine skiing race.
Thank you all! See you in 2020...
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