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World Snow Day Sofia 2017

15 January 2017 | SOFIA City and VITOSHA Mountain | Bulgaria
  100+ Event Participants  

World Snow Day Sofia 2017

South City Park, just behind CCS Mall and Earth and People museum and Vitosha Mountain
 1000 Sofia / София 
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WWW.SKI.BG celebrated again the World Snow Day 2017 in the very city center of Sofia! Keeping the tradition, for the sixth consecutive year without exception SKI.BG celebrated appropriately the Day of Snow at the exact date, January 15, 2017, in the central park "South Park 2", on the little hils behind Mall CCS and Earth and People Museum, very near to the National Palace of Culture, and attracted considerable interest to the winter sports and fun in the snow.

The weather in today's Sunday was sunny and just great, the snow was more than enough and the mood of hundreds of people in the park was truly wonderful, especially children! The program was free and included walking with ski in the park, free lessons in cross-country skiing, sledding, making snowmen and various other snow fun for children and their parents.

After many days in which Bulgaria was in the grip of polar colds of -20°C, and even below -30°C, accompanied by heavy snowfalls that transformed cities and nationwide in the snow fairy tale "Frozen", as in order the weather just softened on the day in which the whole world officially celebrates World Snow Day 2017!

After warming and drizzing rain on Saturday afternoon, for delight passed into snow flakes at the evening, Sofia woke up in Sunday morning with clear blue, cloudless sky and nice white snow everywhere covering streets, sidewalks, cars, houses, trees, parks and literally everything, sparkled fabulously by the rays of the bright sun. The weather was just great and that created a wonderful and very snowy mood at all!

In addition to the fact, that the park is a favorite destination for winter entertainment for the citizens of Sofia, for us it is really symbolic - right here 5 years ago, in 2012, took place the festival dedicated to the World Snow Day organized by WWW.SKI.BG and BFSki for the first time in Bulgaria. In addition, last year's event of the WWW.SKI.BG on the Day of Snow was held at the same place and was again a huge success. The event in "South Park 2" is unique because it is the one and only in this festive day of the snow, which takes place in urban area in the very center of an European capital.

For yet another year, on the occasion of World Snow Day, we called everyone - children and parents, young people and their grandparents - to take skis, boards, sleds or any other winter equipment that they have and go anywhere outdoors - in parks, in the neighborhood garden, in front of the house or somewhere far away in nature, to come out and enjoy and entertain endlessly of the wonderful snow! And for our great joy, people really were out in the snow!

Today at noon the little hils in the park behind Mall CCS and the Earth and People Museum already gathered a lot of people. Officially, the feast began at 13:00h around bright red World Snow Day tent and other advertising banners of the World Snow Day, pitched in the middle of snowy meadow. At the little hills around hundreds of children along with their parents enjoyed great with sleds or other hand-made tools, made snowmen, snow forts, pelted with snowballs or just walking and enjoying the beautiful day and fresh air outdoor. The park echoed with joyful emotions of young and old.

Many of them took a courage to try how to go skiing. Dozens of children and some of their parents enjoy the free opportunity to make a few laps with cross-country ski through snowy meadow and the surrounding snow-covered alleys in the park. For the first steps in skiing and cross-country skiing they received valuable advices from professional coaches Ivo Petkov, Petar Pankov and Todor Kazakov, as well as the entire SKI.BG team. All who participated in the World Snow Day 2017 in Sofia, were visibly pleased and happy. We hope and believe that many of them will have greater interest in this wholesome winter sport and begin to deal with it. If that brings them a pleasure and regularly they are out in the nature, doing sports and breathe fresh air, it will be suffice.

That is why for the third consecutive year at the World Day of Snow we pay a special attention to walking with skis and cross-country skiing. It is proven that this snow sport is one of the most fascinating winter activities and is the best basis for any skiing discipline! Cross-country skiing has long traditions in our country but unfortunately lost some ground in recent decades. Unfortunate and sad is that not enough is being done by the institutions responsible for supporting and developing the sport and draw mass interest. Hopefully, again giving a good example, in the future this will change!

Additionally to the equipment for cross-country skiing provided free by the Marathon Association, all attended in the festival in the World Snow Day 2017 Sofia received complimentary treats - delicious pastry, buscuits and fresh juices, in which, of course, most enjoyed children.

Snow Feast continued throughout the day, literally until sunset. And even nipping cold failed to frighten the most avid teenage fans, which continued to have fun in the snow after dark, skating along the snowy hills. Finally came the end ot the World Snow Day 2017, but it actually gives rise to emotions of the winter sports, because the real snow season has just begun.

The World Snow Day this year is celebrated with various initiatives on different days during the month of January at the biggest Bulgarian ski resorts - Vitosha (Aleko), Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and Chepelare, as well as some other places in Bulgarian mountains. After winter resort Borovets in Rila Mountain first in Bulgaria opened the celebrations of the World Snow Day 2017 yesterday, today the feast was celebrated in the Bulgarian top winter resort Bansko in Pirin Mountain and in a few other small ski places around the country like "Beklemeto" and "Riviera" in Stara Planina and near Zdravets hut in the Rhodopes over Plovdiv. Next weekend will be a Snow Day Festival at the Aleko hut in Vitosha Mountain. Follow the news of WWW.SKI.BG for more details.

For the final we want to say a special thanks for the support during the World Snow Day 2017 in Sofia to Marathon Association ( and personally to Mr. Peter Pankov, Mr. Ivo Petkov and Mr. Todor Kazakov, to sport clothing companies SIVEN and Bryzos (formerly known under the brand Siven Active Sport), and to all other volunteers who joined in the World Snow Day 2017 Sofia celebration. Happy World Snow Day 2017!!!

15 January, 2017
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free skis snowboards use
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