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World Snow Day Tartu Maraton Children Races

22 January 2012 | Otepää | Estonia
  200 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Tartu Maraton Children Races

Laulupeo Avenue 25
 51007 Tartu 
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Estonian children enjoyed World Snow Day 2012!

On 21st and 22nd of January thousands of skiing-fans gathered in Otepää, Estonia where international FIS Cross Country World Cup was held. On 22nd of January, just next to the official stadium, more than 93 children and their parents had fun on the snowy tracks and celebrated World Snow Day 2012 with Tartu Marathon Otepää children races!

11 AM, before the Men´s 15 km and Women´s 10 km CL individual start, a cross-country fun race was staged for children. The weather was perfect for skiing on a Sunday morning – the sun was shining, temperature was around -5 °C and the snow was fluffy and thick.

The children´s race was conducted on a specially built cross-country skiing marathon track. Participation was free-of-charge and there was no age limit. For example, the youngest participant was only 2 years old and with a little help from her mother and father, she successfully completed the 500m course. Distances were 500m, 2km and 3km.

We put our focus on children, because we believe they are the future of winter sports. On World Snow Day all children had a number 1 bib, thus everyone is a winner! What´s more, every child got a gold medal, a diploma and a warm cup of tea.

In addition, funny mascots called Marathon-bunnies congratulated all the little skiers and entertained the children.

In order to give every child a chance to take part in the event there was free use of ski equipment.

What´s more, eager ski coaches from Tartu Suusahullud organized different skiing games for children, for example ski football (see picture below).

This event acted as a precursor event to the annual Tartu Marthon in Estonia, which on the 19th of February attracts thousands of Worldloppet marathon fans to start a 63 km race in Estonia.

Special thanks to International Ski Federation! Thank you for giving us an unforgettable chance to explore, enjoy and experience the snow in Otepää, Estonia!

Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Free tips from well-experienced skiing coaches, free hugs from Marathon-bunnies
A boy playing ski-football. On World Snow Day 2012 in Estonia, experienced skiing coaches taught children how to play football with a ski on one foot! Children had a lot of fun!
One of the youngest participants skiing towards the finish line.
2 of the 3 funny Marathon-bunnies with children, who enjoyed World Snow Day 2012 in Otepää, Estonia, smiling to the cameras.
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