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Cross-Country skiing Festival in Ashotsk

19 January 2020 | Ashotsk Ski Center | Armenia
  250 Event Participants  

Cross-Country skiing Festival in Ashotsk

 2801 Ashotsk 
(+374) 940 508 06
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It has been already four years that the Armenian Ski Federation in collaboration with the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports traditionally holds a "Skiing for kids" event every year towards FIS "Bring Children to the Snow" ideology. The annual events are traditionally being held in Ashotsk as the snowiest region in Armenia. This year the event was organized on 19 January 2020. "Skiing for kids" project is gaining more and more popularity in Armenia each year, hence more and more children are joining this initiative from all regions of the country. This year the event brought together around 60 children up to 12 years old from all clubs of Armenia covering all the regions. The following activities were held during this year event:

- Each child received free master class on Cross-Country skiing from the famous athletes of Armenia.
- Cross-country tournament with participation of all kids
- Free Snacks from organizers
- Free snow games and competitions
- Fun snow races/competitions for kids and parents
- Music

The Armenian Ski Federation announced the date of the event during a large press-conference while presenting the yearly program of the Federation. Representatives of mass media were also invited to the event. The event was broadcasted on the main public TV of the country. Besides, 3 mass media representatives prepared special articles about it.

Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free accommodation
- Free transportation
- Free gifts and prizes
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