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Svetovy den snehu v Tatrach

17 January 2020 | Pod Lesom Ski Area | Slovakia

Svetovy den snehu v Tatrach

Nový Smokovec 42
 059 81 Vysoké Tatry 
(+421) 948 856 972
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Event Description

Our event will be organized in High Tatras, and will be aimed at kindergarden and schoolchildren from age 3-8 years. They will come with their teachers to celebrate snow activities and snow.

We will manage several competitions all aimed at "fun". Some the competitions will inluce making snowballs, sleighing, skiing, rolling down the hill etc. All kids will have this as school / kindergarden activity and they will receive small prizes as bubble blowers, pencils, collor boxes etc. and diplomas of course.

We think, that our kids, living in mountains, should all have the possibility to know and try, what can u do with snow and to celebrate this moments. We are looking forward to have all the children together.
T +41 31 368 14 15