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World Snow Day

17 January 2016 | Arrowhead Ski Area | United States of America
  200 Event Participants  

World Snow Day

18 roberts A Easter Way
 03743 Claremont 
United States of America
(+) 1 603 748 6205
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Arrowhead Ski Area in Claremont, NH and event organizer the Sleboggan Club of New Hampshire (SCNE)had a fantastic World Snow Day. It is estimated that 200 participants were involved in ski-snowboard/ride/tubing use and 92 of these participants also enjoyed Slebogganing and a few even did some ice skating. There were an additional 150 visitors enjoying the World Snow Day activities that included the 1st ever Sleboggan Cross and Sleboggan Time Trial races. There were two open classes for these races and two classes for WSD participants 14 and under who were able to operate a Sleboggan System. The day ended with the awards ceremony for the winners of the four Sleboggan races receiving Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Free Slebogganing and Free Ice Skating - There were also two free raffels one for a $75.00 gift certificate and one for a Link 1 Limited Signature Edition Sleboggan
Arrowhead Tubing, Skiing/Snowboard Area
WSD Participants at Arrowhead Ski Area
Open winners in Sleboggan time Trials
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Event Partners

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