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LKW Kids Snowday

17 January 2021 | Malbun | Liechtenstein

LKW Kids Snowday

Stubistrasse 8
 9497 Triesenberg 
(+423) 233 36 30
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Event Description

Welcome to the Liechtenstein Ski Federation. We are a non-profit organisation and are located in Schaan in the small country Liechtenstein.

On World Snow Day we will invite all children who like to have a fun day on their skis, doesn't matter if you bring your alpine or nordic skis. The children will be separated in small groups of maximum 5 kids and each groups gets an own instructor. The goal is that each child can successfully do the parcours with different station. On each station you can claim points.

After the parcours we will announce the winner of each category. The categorys are divided into the different ages of the kids and also boys and girls. Not only the winner will get a price, we provide every participant with a free gift and give aways.
T +41 31 368 14 15