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World Snow Day Ski City, Melbourne

22 January 2012 | Cheltenham, Melbourne | Australia
  22 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Ski City, Melbourne

4/148 Chesterville Road
 3192 Cheltenham VIC  
+61 3 9077 7990
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SkiCity had a very successful World Snow Day 2012. It was a beautiful 27°C and Sunny, not a cloud in the ski, or snowflake on the ground. Summers in Australia and snow sports do not normally go together. However SkiCity is bucking the trend, Skiing and Snowboarding can now be done year round in Australia, which allowed us to participate in FIS World Snow Day.

SkiCity invited all members and friends to come along and join us on the day for half price ski and snowboard lessons. All 3 of our artificial slops had participants from 5 – 65, laughing and having fun. With it being many of the kids first time skiing or snowboarding.

All participants had a great time:

Hannah & Lucas said 'loving it, it’s so much fun'

Baily and Hugo said 'we love SkiCity, totally awesome!!!’

SkiCity took the opportunity to inform all kids and parents about our NEW after school program, which encourages kids to participate in snow sports year round. It’s about strength, fitness, skill and technique, but mostly having FUN, with many kids signing up on the day.

SkiCity is looking forward to celebrating World Snow Day in 2013.
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Half Price Ski and Snowboard Lessons
Kids learning to ski for the first time
Kids learning to snowboard for the first time
Fun family time at SkiCity
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