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Come Play With Us on World Snow Day

18 January 2015 | Ski Wentworth | Canada
  250 Event Participants  

Come Play With Us on World Snow Day

14595 Route #4
 B0M 1Z0 Wentworth 
(+1) 902 548 2089
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World Snow Day was celebrated at Ski Wentworth on Sunday, January 18, 2015. The theme for the day was” Come Play with Us”. The Canadian Ski Patrol at Ski Wentworth was pleased to host this day for the second year.
The morning of the event we encountered very high winds and extreme cold with zero natural snow on the ground! Nova Scotians are a determined bunch so we went ahead with our activities on man made snow at the base of our ski resort. Erecting the wonderful Audi tent was difficult in the winds but we persevered.
We offered three games for children and adults to try.
• Toboggan races- 2 rescue toboggans were pulled along a short course
• Toss the patroller- a stuffed toy patroller was tossed at a target
• Three legged races
It was wonderful to see the kids competing and having fun with these outside games. The boys especially loved the toboggan races and even the very young enjoyed tossing towards the target. Three legged races were new to some of the participants and parent /child teams also competed.
Prizes were given to some winners and treats were offered to many passing by. These included hot chocolate, cookies, chocolates, lollipops and lots of stickers. The children were happy, parents thanked us for the fun they had and information on joining the ski patrol was given to potential members. We were also visible at the base and were available to provide first aid and information to a large crowd of skiers and snowboarders.
It was a fun day despite the high winds.
Special Offers
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
World Snow games area
World Snow Day-snow signs
rescue toboggan races
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