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17 January 2019 | Milano | Italy
  100 Event Participants  


via garegnano 10
 20156 Milano 
(+39) 388 326 5975
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2 hours presentations handled by a member of Italian Federation Regional Comitee and Claudia Giordani, former alpine ski athlete , world cup races winner and olympic medalist.
The kids attending to the presentation are 6 to 8 years old and most of theme were pretty new for winter sports.
the topics were: values of sport with focus on winter sports, explanation of different disciplines, competiton spirit, basics on safety roules on slopes (10 Fis rules) and off-track dangers (avalanche), rescue equipment demonstation.
The final topic was the Olympic spirit and the importance of Olympic competition with reference to the italian application to the next winer edition 2026 Milano/Cortina
The speach of both speakers was supported with impressive videos
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
All participating kids celebrate the event
Claudia Giordani explain her human experience as athlete
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