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17 January 2019 | Milano | Italy


via garegnano 10
 20156 Milano 
(+39) 388 326 5975
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Event Discription

Welcome to the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Snow Day in Milan, Italy. The main city in the north region near the central Alps, Milan is famous for fashion, design, history, arts, music, food, lifestyle and now snow.

What you will be doing
On World Snow Day the program follow the yearly format. The format includes 2 hours with some speakers and guests in the classroom during the lessons. The program includes : a welcome introduction with some videos about Italian Teams, races and Olympics review; a short but amazing story of snow (meteo, snowflakes, Alps and other peaks, local resorts…); a conversation/talk with a guest (Champion/Hero/Athlete/….); a lesson about safety rules on slopes (FIS 10 Rules for Conduct); a lesson about danger (avalanche) and rescue with demonstration; a focus on the Olympics spirit and Italian heroes. Showing the Italian application to the next winter edition Milano/Cortina 2026. At the end of the program children and their teachers/professor receives some gifts and a prize for the attention and involvement. In some cases the schools/teachers ask for help and support about the organization of a “white” trip/excursion. On World Snow Day children will received a special gift: a quite big snowflake (Styrofoam or similar)

We are set to celebrate Snow with a group of children far from the mountain, but near to the passion. Hoping to give emotions, points to think about, new motivations and dreams. Bringing the snow into the city even when and where it isn’t.
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