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WSD in Asturias

19 January 2014 | Valgrande Pajares y Fuentes de Invierno | Spain
  180 Event Participants  

WSD in Asturias

 33693 Asturias 
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This year, the celebration of the World Snow Day and the 60th birthday of Valgrande Pajares ski resort was at the same time, so it was a very special holiday for us.
During the hole the weekend, the ski resort was full of activities, but Sunday was the day dedicated to children with the celebration of our gymkhana. This year, with different tests has been a success for assistance and have spent a very fun time, both young and old people.

In Fuentes de Invierno, they did a "foqueada nocturna", a group of people made ​​cross-country skiing at night, with front head lights. They have a discount card, that you can spent in accommodations, ski and snowboard classes, rent material and other things like spa.
Special Offers
- Discounted accommodation
- Discounted ski snowboard lessons
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Free gifts and prizes
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