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Cyprus Snow Day

18 January 2015 | Troodos Mountain  | Cyprus
  300 Event Participants  

Cyprus Snow Day

 4800 Limassol  
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On 18 JAN 2015 the Cyprus Ski Federation celebrated the WORLD SNOW DAY for the third time in the impressive Troodos mountains at the Sun Valley Ski Centre. Under the beautiful Mediterranean blue sky the Cyprus Ski Federation offered beginners lessons to any interested child who had visited the ski center. Some lessons were also provided to the parents of the children. The ladies of the Cyprus Ski Federation prepared and served delicious homemade cookies and pastry, along with hot chocolate for the kids and Gluhwine, for the adults. At the end of the date we have staged a mini children fun race that everybody enjoyed. During the whole event music was provided by our communication sponsor, Kiss FM.

Important part of our “ World Snow Day 2015” was the participation of our Federation’s Cyprus Ski Academy – Athletes, Coaches & Officials who had provided the instruction and the overall care for the event.

The presence of our National Ski Team athletes and Coaches was very significant for the support of the small kids and the whole organization.

We are looking forward to our new ski season which has just started along with our new children skiers.
We hope that the 2016 event of the World Ski Day part of the “Bring Children to the Snow” concept, will be a great and success.

Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
New skier has fun on the snow
The core of the Cyprus Ski Day Celebration
New Skier try-out
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