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World Snow Day Seli

21 January 2018 | Seli Ski Center | Greece
  75 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Seli

 59132 Veria 
(+30) 697 271 6145
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With great participation (despite the lack of snow) and many smiles, the World Snow Day festival was celebrated on Sunday January 21 2018, where this year among the 523 organizers in 46 countries worldwide, was also our club SXO VERIAS !!!

Seli Ski Center provided free ski passes for children up to 12 years old who came to experience the magical world of skiing and snow and members of our club showed and informed parents and children about snow sports and the benefits of taking part in them in a specially designed snow park for both alpine and nordic ski.
We also gave to all visitors at Seli Ski Center, leaflets with 10 FIS Rules for the Conduct of Skiers
and Snowboarders!

At the end of the day all kids were happy and most of them asked from their parents to bring them again and again to snow and snow sports!

Special Offers
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free ski passes
learning cross country ski!
time for relax snowkidz!
T +41 31 368 14 15