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I Grow On Snow 2021

17 January 2021 | Planinarski dom | Serbia
  30 Event Participants  

I Grow On Snow 2021

 18300 Pirot 
(+381) 603 353 893
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It is our great pleasure to say that this year due to bad situation across the world because of the pandemic that is still going we managed to organize World Snow Day with all of the measurements that can be taken in our country to make this day as safest as possible. This year we were on two of the locations- Old Mountain and “Planinarski Dom” in south-east of Serbia. About 30 kids were participants of our organization this year. 5 of them were on Old Mountain and 25 on our local ski centre “Planinarski Dom”. Kids were all day skiing with our ski instructors and we brought joy to their faces when we gave them little presents such as sweets and bandanas that we received from you to complete this manifestation. We are very sorry that we couldn’t repeat the organization from last year but also thankful and happy that we managed to organize anything with pandemic that is going on. We are eagerly waiting for next year and hoping everybody is staying safe and being well so we can organize World Snow Day as it was last year, with music, lots of smiles and everybody happy not worrying about their health. Sincerely SK Midzor Pirot.
Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
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