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Winter Bike

18th January 2014 | Copper Mountain, CO | United States of America
  30 Event Participants  

Winter Bike

Ten Mile Plaza
 80443 Copper Mountain 
United States of America
+1 970-471-2425
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Little Bike, in association with The Cloud City Wheelers’ Winter Bike race, is a snow-centric, kids-only bicycle race that hopes to promote individual health and recreation in today’s youth. Join The Cloud City Wheelers at Copper Mountain on Saturday, January 18th, to watch kids compete in a fun, on-snow bicycle race around center village. Registration begins at 4 pm, Little Bike starts at 5 pm and will be followed by Winter Bike, the on-snow race of the adult variety. Fireworks follow at 7:30 pm, for kids of all ages.
Other Special Offers
Free Kids Winter Bike Race
Contestants get off to a fast start at Little Bike.
Racers work their way around the lake.
Smiles all around.
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