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Bukovytsia World Snow Day

19-20 January 2019 | Bukovytsia Ski Arena | Ukraine

Bukovytsia World Snow Day

Tuntanovytska 185
 82300 Boryslav 
(+380) 939 391 262
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Event Discription

Welcome to the Bukovytsia World Snow Day!

Bukovytsia World Snow Day will be located in the beautiful Karpatian mountains in the west of Ukraine, just 60 km from the border of Poland and 90 km from magic city Lviv. Nearby us are the balneological resorts Truskavets 7 km and Skidnytsia 16 km. For all kids from region Bukovytsia founded children’s ski and snowboard school “Boryslavska Snizinka”. More then 120 kids are training in the sport school.

In the program for our visitors on the Snow World Day will be amassing interesting program:

- For the kids: will be organized children ski and snowbord races, Ukrainian alpine skier (Olympian) Dmytro Mytsak wil make open training for all kids. On the celebration are invited Ukrainian Olympic champions from different sports.

- For adults: we will propose discounts for ski pass and instructors ski school. Also we are planning to make evening party.

In this beautiful day will be giving away a lot of prices and gifts from ski resort, Ukrainian Olympic Committee and our sponsors.

We are looking forward to celebrate World Snow Day 2019 with you!!! Hopefully you will join us, it will be amazing day for your kids and your families!!! See you there!!!
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