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Samara World Snow Day

19 January 2014 | Malaya Tsharevshina | Russia
  100 Event Participants  

Samara World Snow Day

str. Ryabinovaya 6
 443000 Samara 
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World Snow Day took place at “Sklon” ski resort in Malaya Tsarevshchina, not far from Samara on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Nice sunny weather, winter mood and new emotions met the guests and sportsmen at the resort.

Last year Samara region Freestyle Federation organized World Snow Day for children from orphanage. This year anyone could take part in the fest. World Snow Day gathered at “Sklon” ski resort a lot of people. Despite the frosty weather the general amount of guests and participants was about 500 people!
The first part of the event was meant for the little ones. Kids had a free lesson at “School of freestyle”. They were practicing the downhill skiing with great interest. In the end of the lesson each of them got a special Diploma of the participant.
The second part was the performance of skiers and snowboarders in a Big Air discipline, which is extremely popular all over the world. Only the best Samara region riders took part in the performance, because of the size of the kicker. The performance was organized in the very center of the resort, so every guest could watch it. True fans were at the kicker, watching the airs as close as it was possible. To the positive and energetic music riders performed amazing stunts and air flips. Everything was commented by the professional announcer who was provided by “JK event”, the partner of Samara region Freestyle Federation.
In the end of the day Samara region Freestyle Federation and the sponsor Romp gave presents to the winners of the performance.
The event was widely covered in the media with 4 television reports and numerous articles printed in newspapers and posted online.

This winter season there are going to be a few more large events at the same spot!
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
Family time
Welcoming the children
Demonstration time
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