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San Marino Ski Federation World Snow Day

22 January 2012 | Passo Tonale (BS) | Italy
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San Marino Ski Federation World Snow Day

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 47899 Serravalle 
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A young yeti is lost in Tonale.
It was a very snowy day, one of the few in this winter so poor of rainfall. A young yeti was wandering alone
on the slopes of the Passo del Tonale, when, fortunately, he met the boys of the teachers training course of
the Snowsports Academy from San Marino.
Masters students were curious and not scared by the giant white, they stopped him and asked him who
he was, whence he came and especially they wanted to know how he came on these slopes between
Lombardy and Trentino, so distant and so different from its natural habitat.
The yeti was at first very timid and shy, but he broke slowly through the smiles and reassuring words of the
boys and told them his story and how he arrived in the midst of those tracks.
The boys, excited for new meeting, explained the poor lost yeti that during the night would have come
some children from the San Marino Republic, and that they all together could help him find his way home,
the following day. The white giant looked very happy.
The same evening the students introduced to the young kids the Yeti in the hall of the Pian di Neve Hotel
and they seemed to be quite excited to help the white giant in this adventure.
The evening concluded quickly to allow everyone to stand up early the following day and be ready for the
adventure that awaited them the next day.
The following morning the children were so excited and arrived on the slopes ready to face all the
challenges needed to help their new friend to get home, but to their surprise they couldn’t find
him. Intimidated and a bit frightened by the enthusiasm shown by the children the night before, the oung
Yeti took advantage of the recent snowfall that covered the pitch and he hid himself, secretly hoping not to
be discovered.
Undaunted, the boys of the course instructors strove at once to divide the children into 6 teams and began
the search of the yeti: it seemd to be almost a treasure hunt for the slopes of Tonale.
While one group went in search, the others in rotation would have to prepare everything necessary for the
departure of their friend.
There was the Blue team, the YELLOW, the RED, the PINK, the GREEN, and the BLACK once. Each team had
a head group selected from the students teachers and two aides who were supporting the children. The
Blue were led by Silvia, The Yellow team by Pierpaolo, Blacks by Nicola, the Red team by Vittorio, the Green
by Matteo and the Pink one by Alessandro.
There were those who had to overcome a gymkhana with tufts, caves, jumping, bowling, giant slalom, in a
space on the track specially created for the occasion, where children could have fun and challenge out of
the chaos that characterized the Sunday the day of 22 January.
There were those who defied the tug of war, who played soccer with skiboots or "stealing flag" . Others
compete in an exciting race sleds next to the track.
A rotation of each team was able to pass all the tests to ensure that their young friend, when found, could
resume the way home.
The morning passed cheerful and lively, and many people, intrigued by the music, the laughter from all
those bright colors on white snow, stopped to see what was happening.
Intrigued by the festive atmosphere and the energy transmitted from the children, the yeti found the
courage and went out into the open!
As soon as the children saw him, they burst into loud shouts of joy and greeted him very warmly. Impressed
by the work done by the children, the yeti decided to make a gift to the children revealing his name, which
is a thing that a yeti never does when he is outside from its natural habitat: his name was Michael.
At this point the children gathered together with the students and teachers and, in honor of Michael,
did it in jiffy a beautiful choreography in the shape of "M" along the slope of the Passo del Tonale, on the
Presanella track.
Once again, skiers and ski clubs in training, stopped their skiing because they were enchanted watching this
beautiful colorful swarm that descended along the slope in sync.
Michael was stunned and deeply moved by this wonderful gesture and finally before leaving to return
home, he gave each child an egg of friendship as thanks for their help and as a symbol of their friendship,
so that the children will remember him even when he got home.
By popular request, we stopped for lunch with them to celebrate the wonderful day spent together at the
bar and restaurant LA BARACCA. This wonderful and memorable day of celebration with laughter, joy, pasta

with meat sauce, pork chops and chips.
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