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World Snow Day 2021 En El Acr Sistema Lomas De Lima Ancón

16 January 2021 | Lomas de Ancón | Peru

World Snow Day 2021 En El Acr Sistema Lomas De Lima Ancón

Ave Julio C. Tello 38881, Ancón 15123
 51 Lima 
(+51) 965 336 636
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Event Description

Desert Expeditions is a social enterprise committed to the sustainable development and conservation of desert tourism through tourism and recreation, through the organization of social and environmental projects we involve local children, tourism students and local tourism organizations to preserve our desert ecosystems.

In Peru we use the practice of sand sports to promote environmental education and in this way we seek awareness about the care and conservation of the ecosystems of the coastal desert and dune fields of the ACR Sistema Lomas de Lima with civil, private and public participation.

At Desert Expeditions we promote the conservation of coastal deserts to children and their families through activities organized for the World Snow Day, promoting a space for cultural and educational exchange where the Ancón district is positioned as a destination sports of the sandboard for the development of economic activities such as tourism.

Desert Expeditions will celebrate World Snow Day on January 16, 2021 in Lomas de Ancón. To celebrate we will provide for children:
- Free Sandboarding lessons
- Free sand sledding equipment and instruction
- Free snacks and beverages

We look forward to the celebration and hope you can join us.
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T +41 31 368 14 15