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World Snow Day Valiug 2020

19 January 2020 | Valiug | Romania
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World Snow Day Valiug 2020

 327415 Valiug 
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World Snow Day Valiug 2020 gathered 150 children on the slope on the 19th of January.
The theme of the event this year was the kitchen of skiing. We, the organisers, have been dressed as chefs and the kids received vegetable and fruits costumes. This was because, as ski instructors, pizza, French fries and spaghetti expressions are always used in order to teach the kids hot to ski. We also use the egg position and the fish tail so World Snow Day Valiug 2020 was the opportunity to make everything look even more like a kitchen of skiing.
The activities started at 11 am. There were several points of interest on and nearby the slope. There was a point with games on snow, creativity workshops and face-painting activities lead by GLT Activity Valiug.
Simultaneously, there were two musical points, one of instrumental music played by AradART of Arad Philarmonic, and one of andean music played by Romeo Darjan and Pedro Soto.
Up until 2 pm, there were free ski classes lead by the instructors of our ski school.
There was an alpine ski demonstration performed by the children of local ski club, Adlernest
In the apres-ski building, there was a workshop comics creation, specially designed for kids, led by Mihai I Grajdeanu.
Later on the day, a team from Red Cross Resita came on the slope and showed the children the most important first aid techniques and rules.
The event ended with a fun ski relay contest and the traditional snake-shaped slope decent, coloured with balloons and umbrellas.
Finally, there was the prize giving ceremony where every participant received their diploma and bag with sweets provided by Ponton Casa Baraj, as well as a book and a comics magazine, provided by Mădălina Diaconu and Mihai I. Grăjdeanu.
The event was successful, the kids enjoyed all the activities and spent a beautiful day in the nature, in the mountains, on snow, on the slope.
We send our many thanks to everyone mentioned above, to all the volunteers, to IPA Caras-Severin 2, Porsche Timisoara, Claris Valiug, Gasthof Tirol, Aquaris, La Buna, Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania Reșița, Banat TV, Salvamont Caras-Severin, Jandarmeria Caras-Severin, Banatul Montan-Ghidul tau turistic. We thank the photohraphers Alina and Marius Ifrosa, and last, but not least, we thank FIS photographer, Jeremie Lecaudey, for taking part to our event and making the wonderful aftermovie.
So many hands working together made this day an unforgettable one for the kids and their families.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free entry tickets
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free skis snowboards use
Free and fun ski lessons
Kitchen of skiing
Fun relay contest
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