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World Snow Day in Snow Arena

15 January 2017 | Snow Arena Druskininkai | Lithuania
  600 Event Participants  

World Snow Day in Snow Arena

Nemunas road 2
 LT-67308 Druskininkai 
(+370) 686 128 53
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This Year we celebrated World Snow Day at Snow Arena, Druskininkai for forth time. Snow Arena is the only indoor ski resort in the Baltic States with the 460m main and 150m beginners indoor slope and two outdoor slopes – 640m. and 300m. There also is a terrain park open all year round which is also the biggest snow park in Lithuania. This park houses five separate sections with a number of great jumps, rails and boxes made for all kind of snowboarders and free-skiers. Snow Arena has the Hard Surface Slope too, which is designed especially for slalom. Every year weather permitting we are also opening a cross-country ski track around arena which is 4km in length.

For this year’s celebrations we have created special offers and celebrations for our guests and visitors. All children up to 7 years old we admitted to the Druskininkai Snow Arena free of charge. For all other guests we were applying a 30% discount for all ski-passes on the offer.
Snow Arena has also provided free group lessons to customers wanting to learn or improve their skiing or snowboarding skills. These lessons were carried out during the day and were conducted by experienced professional ski and snowboard instructors from Ski School which is based at Snow Arena Druskininkai.
All Snow Arena guests had possibility to test new 2017-2018 season Snowboards, Ski bikes and balance sledges.
Inside the Snow Arena there was Alpine Ski slalom competition with skis , here we had more than 50 participants from 4 till 65 Years old. With the help from our sponsors we were able to provide prizes to all of the participants, who were brave enough to take the challenge.
We have also awarded competition winners with special World Snow Day medals to remind them about the World Snow Day 2017 at Snow Arena Druskininkai.

During this year’s WSD the Snow Arena was visited by 600 winter entertainment enthusiasts. With the success we had this year we are looking forward for the World Snow Day 2018.
Special Offers
- Discounted ski discounted entry tickets
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
Other Special Offers
Free snowboards, ski bikes tests.
course inspection
ski lessons
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