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Me & Snow - Milano Ski Lab

19 January 2020 | Milano | Italy

Me & Snow - Milano Ski Lab

Via Romolo Gessi 16
 20146 Milano 
(+39) 348 526 9662
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Event Description

Welcome to the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Snow Day in Milan, Italy.

Whilst being famous for fashion, design, history, arts, music, food and lifestyle Milan also has a rich history in sports. And now with after being selected as the host city of the Winter Olympic Games 2026 the histoy will become even richer.

On World Snow Day we will be hosting a gathering with members and a social media campaign. The gathering will take place in two locations, LIBRERIA DELLA MONTAGNA and MILANO SKI LAB. At the gathering guest speaker will share their ski stories with youngsters with the aim is to inspire the next generation. Meanwhile our social media campaign will be a video titled "#me&snow". A specially created video will be diseminated to local winter sports magazines, websites and through social media.

We look forward to World Snow Day and sharing the message to bring children to the snow.
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