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Me & Snow - Milano Ski Lab

19 January 2020 | Milano | Italy
  150 Event Participants  

Me & Snow - Milano Ski Lab

Via Romolo Gessi 16
 20146 Milano 
(+39) 348 526 9662
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history in sports. And now with after being selected as the host city of the Winter Olympic Games 2026 the history will become even richer.

On World Snow Day we did an invitation in two locations, MONTI IN CITTÀ/Libreria della Montagna and MILANO SKI LAB to share ski stories with youngsters with the aim is to inspire the next generation. The Party in Milano Ski Lab Day with skiers, snowboarders and sports girls and boys was nice and fun. Many guests went there with their passion and their sport stories about snow and love for winter sports. Smiling for joyful selfies. A little step to sow snow flakes in the heart of a future Olympic metropolitan city. The program in Monti in Città bookstore, a perfect place for those who love the mountains, with one tea corner and all the books that one dreams to read in a life, had the focus to promote the message to bring children to the snow in collaboration with the local Ski Club. So the shop window was dedicated to Fis World Snow Day for a week. Inside the store, among the books, the manuals, the guides, the novels and biographies about snow, skiing, ski mountaineering, a corner with Fisi Ski Club information and Fisi Pins as gift for kids. Besides for the parents of little skiers, as gift after 2 bought books, some copies of the useful book titled “Mi porti a Sciare?”. An important occasion to underline sport values and love for environment. A first beginning in city center to look forward to Milano Cortina 2026.

Meanwhile we did also a social media campaign to realize a video titled "#me&snow". A specially created video that will be diseminated to local winter sports magazines, websites and through social media.

Other Special Offers
Pins, pennants, books for kid’s parents about skiing.
Event invitation
Sharing the passion about winter sports
Selfie frame
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