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Zakopane Snow Festival

22 January 2012 | Zakopane | Poland
  1600 Event Participants  

Zakopane Snow Festival

T. Kosciuszki 13
 34-500 Zakopane 
+48 18 20 20 451
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ZAKOPANE, referred to as the winter capital of Poland, in the period of 21-22 January 2012 became a true capital of snow and as benefits a celebration of the WORLD SNOW DAY, we did not lack in the powdery snow! According to our project, the festival of the World Snow Day was connected with the Kornel Makuszyński Memorial, and due to the fact we continued to celebrate throughout the weekend.

We resolved to commence the celebrations of the World Snow Day as early as on Friday during the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane. The Opening Ceremony of the event and winner decoration was held under the aegis of the World Snow Day! The organizers of the World Cup estimate that the first day of the event was watched live by 15 000 supporters, while on the second day, 19 000 ski jumping fans were with us. They all saw our volunteers dressed in shirts bearing the World Snow Day logo as well as beautiful and colorful beach flags!

Saturday was also an exceptional day, because the official opening of the World Snow Day
in Zakopane was carried out by Walter Hofer himself! The Director of FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. On that same day, our youngest participated in the Konel Makuszyński Memorial, including within its framework downhill and snowboard events. The total of 341 young competitors, supported by their parents and grandparents, started in these events. The festive prize awarding ceremony was performed by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Mariusz Koperski as well as the FIS representative Mr. Andrew Choliński, who was with us throughout the whole weekend.

On Sunday, the final of World Snow Day was organized in Zakopane, which was accompanied by further events of the Kornel Makuszyński Memorial, such as cross country skiing, ski jumping as well as skating. The total of 331 young competitors participated in the events. Awaiting for the results, our youngest as well as their families visited the Snow Park, where they could ski on plastic discs, throw snowballs at the target, build snow constructions. Children also had the opportunity to use the special photo stand, where they could have pictures taken together with their grandparents, since on 21 and 22 January, we celebrated in Poland Grandma’s Day and Grandpa’s Day. The main attraction of the Snow Park was especially prepared World Snow Day stage, where professional animators for children performed. We invited on our stage, among others, the women’s ski jumping team from the USA and Russia, which visited our Park first thing in the morning. The girls danced in the rhythm of the music to a song we wrote especially on the occasion of the World Snow Day. In the afternoon, the best Polish skiers appeared on stage, who told our young participants how their ski adventures began. The members of our ski jumping team also agreed to award the children who participated in the ski jumping events. The official prize awarding ceremony took place on the World Snow Day stage to the rhythm of “We are the Champions!”. It was an remarkable experience both for the youngest, as well as for our national team. Many thanks! Apart from the sports stars, we watched the on-stage performances of the folk highland group Little Giewont, children’s group Turliki as well as the Violet Crocus Theater. We also held a listeners choice music program, in which children could extend their special wishes to their grandmothers and grandfathers.
During the World Snow Day festival, everyone also had an opportunity to visit our educational stands, where the employees of the Tatras National Park (TPN) explained where snow comes from, what tracks are left in snow by forest animals as well as how to live in harmony with our nature. The rescuers of the Tatra Voluntary Mountain Rescue (TOPR) showed our youngest participants what an avalanche detector looks like, how to look for the missing with this device as well as how to use an avalanche probe. It was an incredible view to see a four year old probing with a 2.5 m long probe! The educational zone was completed by the stand hosted by the Association of Skiing Instructors and Coaches (SITN) as well as Police, where children could take free lessons of skiing and snowboard as well as to get a Safe Tourist’s Passport, including instructions on how to behave on the ski slope. SITN also celebrated an Open Day on 22 January 2012, entitled “Safe skiing with an instructor of PZN (Polish Ski Federation)” during which free lessons of skiing and snowboarding took place in the entire area of Poland.
Having visited all the attractions children and parents could have some tea, a delicious omelet and a cake or a doughnut in a heated tent. During these two wonderful days we were visited by approx. 800 children accompanied by at least one parent. We can easily say that the celebrations of the World Snow Day gathered about 1600 people!

We all regret terribly that this weekend has already ended and look forward to the World Snow festival in 2013! See you then!
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Meetings with Ski Jumping Team Members (Men & Women)
Friday - Opening Ceremony - FIS World Cup in Ski Jumping in Zakopane
Saturday - Waiting for the winners - Winners ceremony in Alpine Skiing and Snowboard
Sunday - After Competitions Party - WORLD SNOW DAY Celebrations! Polish Ski Jumping Team on the stage!

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