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World Snow Day Aucallama

20 January 2019 | Aucallama | Peru

World Snow Day Aucallama

Mz G, Lt 13 C.P. San Graciano
 15125 Aucallama 
(+51) 925 100 552
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Event Description

Let's celebrate the world snow day together 90 minutes from the center of Lima

This event is free for all people, families and children of Lima, Huaral and all other cities nearby

We will raise awareness and awareness through the discipline of Sandboarding the benefits, characteristics, involvement and evolution of this sport, learning about the environment, taking care of the dunes and the benefits for health and at the same time publicizing our social project ¨La Duna mi Hogar¨ for the benefit of all the children of Aucallama

It will be a day of great fun and adrenaline !!
T +41 31 368 14 15