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Everyone on Snow Laholm

14-18 January 2019 | Vallåsen Ski Slope | Sweden

Everyone on Snow Laholm

Yllevad 154
 312 98 Våxtorp 
(+46) 7 037 20 041
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Event Description

Everyone On Snow's vision is to make love of snow a right for all 4th-graders, whatever their background and circumstances. Together with the municipality, schools and ski resorts, we invite 4th-graders who get the opportunity to try out and explore all the fun, beautiful, inspiring, fast paced and awesome with snow. Over the years the program has grown substantially with a number of event hosting over 800 students.

Prior to the Everyone On Snow-days we educate teachers, highschool students and leaders from the Swedish Ski Council, clubs and The Swedish Outdoor Associations local departments to lead on snow. The content in the project is produced in cooperation with the School of Sport and Health Sciences and is based on the compulsory school curriculum.

4th graders prepare for Everyone On Snow through the support of teaching material provided to teachers and The Book of Snow Knowledge, which is integrated in the subjects physical education, Swedish, domestic science and history.

This is how Everyone On Snow looks like with content and holding time:

8:00 am: Gathering leader / coach - preparing for the day.
9:00 am: Gathering of 4th-graders - tell them about the day.
9:20 am: Divide 4th-graders into small groups - cross country skiing, slalom and snowboard.
10:00 am: The snow activities begin
11:30 am: Lunch for everyone.
12:00 pm to 13:00 pm more Snow activities. The childrens has changed activity.
13:30 pm: Conclusion and summary of the day. The children get some give-aways.
T +41 31 368 14 15