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Unified Snow Day, Minsk

19 January 2014 | Sunny Valley | Belarus
  8500 Event Participants  

Unified Snow Day, Minsk

Korzhenevskogo, 45
 220000 Minsk 
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Central event in the capital of Belarus was organized in the Ski center ‘Sunny Valley’ for the third time in a row. The center is situated right in the Minsk city. The popularity of this sports facility is connected to the WSD events as well. The tradition of having a colorful fest on the World Snow Day has become a kind of need among the city dwellers, thus there was a lot of people on 19th of January quite as usual.
The organizers realized the following program:
1. Competitions among children in Alpine skiing and Snowboard
2. On-snow games organized by animators dressed as fairy tale and cartoon characters.
3. Funny contests with elements of skiing and small prizes.
4. Performances held by children’s creative groups
5. Free master-classes from leading junior athletes
6. Free ski passes and ski equipment for children from boarding schools
7. On-snow disco.
Apart from that organizers recreated the atmosphere of snowy Alaska on the territory of the ski center – guests and participants were met by animators dressed as Escimos, Husky dogs rode children on sleighs and North American Indians rode children on horses, held small competitions in lasso throwing and bow shooting.
Before the event we had an outdoors advertising campaign. Mass-media (print, TV, radio, Internet) also advertised the upcoming event. Two TV-channels covered the event on the spot.
Since 2014 is the year of Olympics the major idea of the event was support of Olympic movement. Everyone who made his first snowboard ride or tried skiing for the first time could feel themselves as part of the Olympic family. Motto of the event was: World Snow Day. Your first step towards Olympic future.
The WSD that took place on 19th of January in Minsk was definitely a success, which can be proved by more than four thousand children who enjoyed and experienced snow with broad smiles on their faces.
Special Offers
- Discounted food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free transportation
- Free ski snowboard lessons
Other Special Offers
free ski passes and ski/snowboard use for certain categories of children
Young competitiors gathered before the start
Fairy tale characters performing on stage for the joy of young viewers
Fun for everyone
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