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World Snow Day with Seeking Himalayas

19 January 2020 | Nalhota | India
  52 Event Participants  

World Snow Day with Seeking Himalayas

Tehsil Multhan
 175103 District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 
(+91) 9805 993 837
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World Snow Day 2020 was celebrated in village Nalhota, in Chhota Bhangal region in Himachal Pradesh, India

For a more immersive and enjoyable experience, we split the event over a duration of 2 days this time:

- One indoor session for Environment awareness module on 18th January 2020
- An outdoor activities based session on WSD , 19th January 2020

18th January:
Adventure tourism has huge potential in our mountains, however, living in a volatile time of adverse climate change + a fast growing adventure tourism industry in the internet age; it becomes even more important than ever to inculcate a concern for environment, and the right wilderness etiquette, while kids are still young, otherwise we risk damaging vulnerable ecology irreversibly.

In continuation of our endeavor to bring this awareness to most remote corners of our mountains, we screened parts of some good mountaineering related films/documentaries and also took them on a “virtual high altitude trek” using photographs from our past treks.

Leave no trace principles were discussed in an informal, interactive way.

Good practices, bad practices, safety measures, risks, mountain features ( crevasses, glaciers ), geographical terms etc. were demonstrated by photographs and videos.

This was probably first time ever, that a big screen projection was held in this region, Kids and adults were glued alike to the documentaries and interactive presentation.

19th January (WSD):
Snow Art was organized, and kids’ team work , imagination, creativity, and energy levels was highly inspiring for us grown-ups as well.

Snowtubing was a first time for most of them and turned out to be an exciting activity.

In addition to fun, it was a learning experience for all participants, and us organisers as well!

To conclude WSD celebration, everybody enjoyed natural zero waste snacks in the form of nuts, raisins and jaggery; nutritious and a good energy source in winters!

Hoping to organize more such events in future and spread more smiles and awareness !

Special thanks from our team to:
- Mr. Pavitra Shrivastav for his help with photography
- Mr. Praveen Sharma, NOLS certified Trip Leader, for his help with the environment module
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
Other Special Offers
Documentary Screening, Interactive presentation session
Kids enjoying Snowtubing
Documentary Screening as a part of Environment Awareness module
Happy Team!
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