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World Snow Day

17 January 2015 | Arkhyz | Russia
  2000 Event Participants  

World Snow Day

  369152 Arkhyz 
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The opening of the world and the world snow Day, which was held on January 17, 2015, the resort Arkhyz, noted for hosting the winter Olympics, which included competitions in snowboarding and Alpine skiing (slalom), route cross-country skiing and the opening ceremony of the first in the North Caucasian Federal district snow Park with an illustrative master classes of professionals.

All guests of the resort Arkhyz got the opportunity to participate in Amateur competitions jibbing and freestyle. The festival was organized by the free entertainment area with freestyle pillows, attraction "Fun bowling, kiosk instant photo printing "Install", where everyone was able to create for themselves a souvenir from the Bottom of the snow on the "Arkhyz".

Extensive entertainment programme envisaged the participation of younger tourists, for whom he worked children's interactive site with a comic "Snow games" within the game "Snow fun" was a creative contest on sculpting snowmen and drawing in the snow.

The participants received valuable prizes from sports stores, carriers, chain restaurants, the Ministry of sports of Russia and the resort. All, the festival was attended by over 2000 people. The event received very positive feedback.
Special Offers
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted accommodation
- Discounted transportation
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