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Unified Snow Day, Grodno

18 - 19 January 2014 | Pyshki | Belarus
  over 2000 Event Participants  

Unified Snow Day, Grodno

Vjasennija str.
 230000 Grodno 
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On 18-19th of January all of the Grodno region was celebrating World Snow Day. The sports-mass events attracted children, youth ТВ adults.
Such winter events are incredibly popular among local families, but especially among children. The main aim of such events is to promote snow sports and active lifestyle among local dwellers.
Overall in Grodno region over 8000 people became active participants of local events.
Particularly in Grodno city that hosted central event of the region there were over 2000 participants. Among them a lot of schoolchildren, but students turned out to be very active too. Grodno medical university sent its teams to participate in races in the corresponding age groups.
The sports program included: Cross-country ski races (in sprint, pursuits, family ski pursuits and long distance runs) and on-snow games. Apart from that Organizers provided a show program with performances on stage by local creative groups and artists. Kids could participate in many other fun competitions.
During the event security and medical help were provided as well as kiosks where participants could purchase hot beverages and foods at discounted prices.
Before the event local media announces the upcoming event and covered it on the World Snow Day itself.
Special Offers
- Discounted gifts and prizes
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free transportation
Cross-country Race
Funny contests
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