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Día Mundial de la nieve en Aramón Cerler

19 January 2019 | Aramón Cerler | Spain

Día Mundial de la nieve en Aramón Cerler

Telesilla B1
 22449 Cerler 
(+34) 679 887 970
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Event Description

Welcome to the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Snow Day in Aramón Cerler, in the central spanish Pyrenees.

The programmed activities are:
- All day Snowspeed: measures your speed down in our special ski run with speed trap.
- All day Cronoslalom: join the slalom and measures your time.
- All day “Musher Kids”: dogsled ride for children).
- 11,00 h - 13,00 h Snowpark for Kids: special contest and lines for children with prizes.
- 13,30 h Children's grouped downhill: We will meet with all the children at a meeting point to do a easy downhill of 500 meters of vertical drop towards the final party.
- 14.00h Chocolate Party: free hot chocolate

We hope you can join us for what will be a fantastic day for children and their families. See you there.
T +41 31 368 14 15