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Unified Snow Day, Vitebsk

19-20 January 2013 | Vitebsk, Vitba River Bank | Belarus
  13200 Event Participants  

Unified Snow Day, Vitebsk

Vitba river
 210000 Vitebsk  
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There was a large-scale sports fest organized in Vitebsk region on the World Snow Day 2013. All of the events were actively covered by local mass-media. The show-program consisted of artistic performances given by kids and folk-ensembles.

The sports part of the event consisted of Cross-country Ski Races in different participant categories such as: school kids, college and university students, sports veterans, people with disabilities. There were also regional competitions held among Sports clubs members.

At the central event in Vitebsk there were more than 1000 participants.

All in all in Vitebsk region there were 27 local events where 13 200 people participated.
Special Offers
- Free transportation
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted food and drink
Opening ceremony
Cross-country ski race
Local competition among kids
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