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SSC Avalanche - Snow events in Lviv

22/01/2012 | Lviv, Ukraine | Ukraine
  300 Event Participants  

SSC Avalanche - Snow events in Lviv

Lysenka 28/3
 79008 Lviv 
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On Sunday, January 22, 2012 Lviv City residents joined the international ski community and met the first World Day of Snow (FIS World Snow Day). Grand celebration was held at the stadium secondary school № 91.
The organizers of the First World Day of Snow in Lviv became Sport and Health Club "Avalanche" Social organization "Samopomich" and the Department of winter sports Lviv State University of Physical Culture. During two winter and, unfortunately, snowless months, the organizers could not find a place - in front of them arose the question: how to spend your day on the snow ... no snow. But, fortunately, Heaven office pleased and "gave" a huge portion of snow precipitation. So lucky!
Unforgettable impression remaining in everyone on this day was present at the stadium. All guests were given the opportunity to holiday with free sports equipment: alpine skiing, cross-country and snowboarding. Around hear the cheerful and happy noise of children, satisfied from the banal contact with the snow. By the way, the slogan of the World Day of Snow - "Explore, enjoy, gain experience» (explore, enjoy, experience) a fully justified.
The program of the event was held:
1. sector snowboarding - workshops for children. Classes are conducted by Olga Zinkiv – coach of snowboarding, lecturer in department of winter sports Lviv State University of Physical Culture. Despite the fact that Olga herself was working in the sector (in Lviv are no more experts on the snowboarding), 45 kids had time to try your hand at this exciting sport and even more of them promised in future to become professional athletes.
2. sector cross-country - workshops for children, children's competitions. Thanks experience and friendly atmosphere created by staff of the department of winter sports Lviv State University of Physical Education, more than 80 interested persons the opportunity to proceed to take a cross-country skiing. Kids school age with pleasure took part in competitions.
3. sector alpine skiing - workshops for children. Classes are conducted by Svetlana Kusen - an experienced trainer with winter sports. Svetlana with ease and love, using their professional skills "set" to ski more than 20 children. As a recognized coach - working with children, this is really her favorite thing. Total passed through the sector and taken advantage of equipment to 100 wanting children. Used frankly not enough and we (the organizers) have wondered how to fix this situation for the future.
The youngest guests snow holidays proved themselves in competition for children called "Winter sports through the eyes of children." Winners were awarded diplomas and prizes (20 kids). His pictures they decided to leave myself in the memory of that day.
The celebration was attended by Christine Podhrushna party XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehamer (Norway), scholarship National Olympic Committe 2011. For active erudite middle school age she spent Olympic quiz with lots of questions on the Olympic theme.
In celebration of the First World Day of Snow in Lviv us joined a large number of guests - including schoolchildren with their teachers, friends and parents. More than 100 diploms have found their masters - kids who participated in the event. Positive emotions raged in the air all day. The organizers thank all the wonderful mood, interest in active family, concern for the future of their children. We are sure that the first World Day of snow is not the last, as in the life of the world community and the local inhabitants.
It should be noted that the event would have been impossible without the active position and there is a desire to join the organizers and partners, just friends (with a capital letter), namely:
Many thanks
Orest Stefanyshyn, head of the Department of winter sports LDUFK, honored coach of Ukraine cross-country skiing for the provision of sports equipment for the event, faculty of the Department of winter sports Lviv State University of Physical Education who led the sector ski races; LDUFK students who helped in the sector of winter sports,
Dmytro Romaniv ( Sports-shop Equipment «Boomerang-Boardshop») for the provision of ski equipment for the event and prizes for winners of competitions, figure contest;
Zdyrko Ivanna Ivanovna - Director secondary school number 91 for providing the venue for WSD ;
Dubynyaku Orest - physical education teacher secondary school number 91 for the fanatical attitude to sport, for that rallied for the school and attracted to participate in this event,
"Uniqa" insurance Company (Lviv) in collaboration with ASC "AVALANCHE".
Lviv Regional Federation of skiing.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free gifts and prizes
Snowboard lessons
Сompetition winners
Friendly team "Avalanche"
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