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Family and Children on the snow

22 January 2012 | Foppolo - Bergamo | Italy
  850 Event Participants  

Family and Children on the snow

via San Rocco 5
 24010 Branzi. 
+39 3355959928
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village sponsor Ski geant Ski slalom
Mini kl.
Free Ski scholl snowboard telemark
Nordic Ski,
Partecipants n 850
good participation of families, lots of enthusiasm and desire to participate.good participation of families,
the comments of the families are all positive, the day was a success, from the village to sports initiatives, highly appreciated the degree snow day world.
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Discounted food and drink
village sponsor foppolo
village sponsor foppolo
world snow day family in foppolo
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Event Partners

T +41 31 368 14 15