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World Snow Day Baqueira

19 -20 January 2013 | Baqueira | Spain
  155 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Baqueira

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We celebrate the World Snow Day at Baqueira under a snowy conditions, that made the event event more special, although we had to cancel one of the events: the Open Race Cuylas that will be done next week-end.

There were some especial offers for beginners at the Beret's area, with discounts on ski rentals, lift tickets and ski classes... Many people signed up for the offer but, due to weather conditions, just 12 people come up and, even though it was snowing and the wind was high, they enjoy a great experience on their first time on skis.

We had another event that wasn't in the program but we decided (at last minute...) to include it on the events for this day: Snowmen Contest for kids at Beret's area. It really has been a good experience for families that came up on not easy conditions and made their snowmen with kids and adults... great event that we will reaped next year. A total on 10 snowmen were made, each one of them made by families and kids.

To end the day and the events, we had a Torch Parade at the Baqueira area. 150 skiers signed up, although due to the weather, just 108 skiers went down the hill with the torches... to end the show at the button of the ski area with a great party, were skiers and visitors could taste the “Vin Cau”, special drink from the Valley (Val d'Aran) and enjoy the beauty of the torch downhill with light and fire.

A total of 155 people enjoy the World Snow Day at Baqueira, together with lots of visitors and families that also stay at the events of the resort.

We are really thankful to all the participants and we hope that next year, will will have more people enjoying this great initiative and the weather will help to increase our participants.

Already looking forward for the 3rd WSD on January 2014. See you then!

Special Offers
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted ski snowboard lessons
- Discounted ski discounted entry tickets
- Discounted transportation
Snowmen Contets
Snowmen Contets
Torch Parade
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