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World Snow Day 2019 Parnassos Ski Resorts

19 - 20 January 2019 | Parnassos Ski Resorts | Greece
  2000 Event Participants  

World Snow Day 2019 Parnassos Ski Resorts

23-25 Lekka str.
 10562 Parnassos 
(+30) 697 200 4973
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More than 2000 kids enjoyed the snow on World Snow Day!
For the 8th year running, the World Snow Day celebrations were a great success in Parnassos Ski Centre on the 19th and 20th January 2019!
Parnassos Ski Centre was filled with the smiles of over 2000 children and their families, all of whom were celebrating World Snow Day with toys, activities and ski and snowboard races, and of course, a lot of snow!
The events of the weekend were made all the better by the presence of a number of clubs and companies who supported the celebrations. Pappos Baldoumis Ski School provided discounted ski and snowboard lesson with additional free equipment for both adults and children. Quality Taste offered discount menus for all children at the ski centre and the Gianelos Company provided all children with juices throughout the day!
Fitting with the slogan and approach of the International Ski Federation (FIS) campaign, “bring children to the snow,” for the 8th year running, the organisers of the events offered both children and lovers of snow a weekend full of joy and fun. The children built a giant 4m snowman, an igloo with a capacity of 8 people, participated in slalom and parallel slalom races and watched Freestyle and Snowboard shows.
In order to make the event possible, people from a variety of organisations came together: 20 teachers from the Pappos Baldoumis Ski School, 20 trainers from the EOS Athinon Ski Club, 20 volunteers from “Continuing Volunteers of Athens 2004” and 20 volunteers from the Hellenic Red Cross. All the volunteers were transferred to the ski centre courtesy of the Klaoudatos Ski Bus.
FIS and the Hellenic Federation of Winter Sports, would like to thank all of those who participated in the successful organisation of the events. Most of all we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our sponsors: ETASA, Parnassos Ski Resorts, ARCHIPEL YACHT CHARTERS, IKON PORTER NOVELLI, QUIBITEQ & Ski Bus Klaoudatos, for all the support they have offered to make World Snow Day 2019 a success.
A few words about the organisers and the resort of the World Snow Day 2019 in Central Greece:

Parnassos Ski Centre

Parnassos Ski Centre is a favourite among snow sport enthusiasts. The ski centre’s popularity is not only due to its central location (situated close to the cities of Athens, Lamia and Patra), but also due to the large number of facilities it offers visitors to the ski centre. The centre also provides 2 cafe-restaurants, a number of ski and snowboard schools, ski rental facilities and a children’s day care with a play ground for the smaller visitors.

Athens Hellenic Alpine Club

The Athens Hellenic Alpine Club was founded in 1928 in the historic centre of Athens. It is the oldest mountaineering club in the country, as well as at the longest standing ski club. The organisation is a non-profit sports association and a member of the climbing-mountaineering and skiing federation under the general secretariat of sports. In all of its activities the Athens Hellenic Alpine Club cultivates love and respect towards the mountain environments and nature.

Ski School Pappos - Baldoumis:

The Pappos - Baldoumis Ski School is the first Ski School in Greece, and was founded in the ski season 1977-78. It was a pioneer in the disemmination and development of the sport. The Ski school recruited and trained the first teachers from across thecountry, many of who later founded schools in other ski resorts. It is the largest ski and snowboard school in Greece and has professional teachers for all levels and ages.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free transportation
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted ski snowboard lessons
- Discounted ski discounted entry tickets
- Discounted food and drink
Other Special Offers
Free fruit juices to all kidz
Kidz arriving at the Parallel Giant Slalom
Sledging with Mom
Ski lessons in protected parks
T +41 31 368 14 15